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We have fifteen years of experience in foreign and domestic business operations, tax consultancy and business with multinational companies, small and medium-size companies, entrepreneurs, contractors and craft business, self-employed professionals as well as non-profit organizations and associations.


Some of our clients are:


Donau Lab Group, Switzerland www.donaulab.com

Primalab Group, Slovenia www.primalab.eu, a part of Metrohm Group, Switzerland www.metrohm.ch 

Ohm lab d.o.o. www.ohmlab.hr 

Bravophone Group www.bravophone.com, a part of Bravogroup Holding, Hungary

ABC prijevodi j.d.o.o. www.abcprijevodi.hr

Askon internacional d.o.o. www.askon.hr 

Independent DFS Group

Dokumenta d.o.o.

Alpintehnika j.d.o.o.

Tenis klub Dinamo


Imperial Tobacco Zagreb

P. Audio Centar Zagreb

Nefil Plus

Vigor d.o.o.

SDA Retail

Zračna luka Dubrovnik